Are You Being Impacted by Negative Energy?

Do you notice that your life could be happier and more joyful? Raising your vibrations is one method to clear out stuck energies and balance your emotional wellbeing. Incorporating self-healing and aura cleansing techniques in your daily routine will shift the following symptoms :

  • Depression.
  • Anxiety attacks
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Mood swings
  • Anger
  • Confusion
  • Numbness
  • Self-worth
  • Shame

Why Are We Talking About The Aura?

Every traditional system of medicine recognizes the role of energy as its strongest ally in holistic healing. Developing knowledge of the vital life force is the basis of Ayurveda. Restoring the flow of qi in our body’s energetic pathways is essential to Acupuncture. Staying in harmony with the external world and our internal environment is the basis of Hawaiian Huna Healing. All of these systems recognized the whole being that is being healed. Spiritually, physically, emotionally, energetically, and psychologically within a culture.

The aura gives you information on not only your energetic state as well. In our environment, we are bombarded with emotionally charged messages, experiences and thoughts. As a result, negative messages and experiences impact your mind and body. When we associate negative thoughts and feelings as energy, we can understand that these lower vibrational energies can often remain stuck and create pain, discomfort, and malaise in our mind, body or soul. That is unless we become aware of its impact on us. Becoming aware of our aura helps us become alert of our wellbeing and the energy we embody. It helps us clear out stuck emotions as well that are impacting our physical health and the way we carry ourselves.

An auric field consists of 7 levels, each one having its own significance and properties. Every level contains specific information about an individual. The 7 levels of aura can be referred to as our medical history in the form of energy. A healthy and strong aura is the sign of a healthy, happy, and peaceful personality, while a damaged aura suggests that the person needs help in clearing out blocks so that they can return to their well-being and restore their energetic boundaries.

Affirmations to build a powerful aura :

  1. I am surrounded by a strong and protective light.
  2. My energy is strong and clean.
  3. We emit a vibration of peace and love in all directions.
  4. My aura is strong and shines with confidence.
  5. I enjoy harmony, balance and well-being in my life.
  6. I am connected to the forces of the universe and my energy is strong and positive.
  7. My aura is protected from negative energies.
  8. I am an open channel for positive energy and divine light.
  9. We emit a vibration of love and gratitude to the universe and all that surrounds us.
  10. I am in harmony with my higher self and we emit a powerful and beneficial energy to the world around us.

Protect your Energy With This Guided Visualization

Imagine your aura as a giant bubble surrounding you, except this bubble won’t burst. It’s breathable, expandable and can change colors, but will not harm you in any way.  This giant bubble protects you and does not allow anything that you are sensitive to or anything that would hurt and disturb you.


Do you recognize whether or not the bubble has some holes that need your attention? Or possible needles, cords and sharp objects attached to it? Stuck objects and energies that don’t look like they belong to you?  If it doesn’t feel like it should be there, it probably shouldn’t be. This can be seen as emotional baggage and negative energies you may have picked up from your environment. Perhaps this is what is impacting your mind, body, and soul in some way.

Practical Ways To Clean Your Aura

1. Take a Salt Bath

Sea salt is the best natural cleansing agent. It drains your negative energies and cleanses and purifies your aura magically. Visiting your local float spa has wondrous effects on your aura. You can find out more ways to use a salt bath here.

2. Walk in the rain

Rainwater is the water at its purest form. Walking while its raining and imagining your negative energies getting washed off with water drops can really help you neutralize your energy.

3. Stay in the sunshine

Sunlight is one of the best sources of receiving universal energy. It acts like a fuel for your energy which feeds and expands the aura. Therefore taking a walk outside in the sun is extremely healthy for the mind, body, and soul especially walking barefoot on the grass.

4. Positive friendships

The people you surround yourself with, do have a strong impact on your aura. Surround yourself with people who have an optimistic and encouraging approach to life.

5. Set an intention to close your aura

The reality is that we coexist with other humans and our auras do cross, connect and interact with each other. These interactions increase the probability of our auras mixing up with each other. Hence it is important to cleanse your aura especially if you are sensitive to the energies of others. To keep your aura close to you, simply imagine it tightly surrounding you: compact and impenetrable. This way, your aura crosses less with others’ and makes it less vulnerable to outside forces.

6. Sound Medicine

Sound is considered one of the best healing tools since from ancient times. The sound generated from crystal bowls and Tibetan singing bowls are best believed to purify your energy. Listening to these sounds before going to sleep can be extremely supportive of your overall wellbeing.

7. Reduce your time with electronics

The radiations emitted by electronic gadgets can be harmful to your energy field. Find EMF protection shields for your products can greatly reduce the impact it has on your well-being.

8. Aromatherapy

Essential oils are amazing healers and flowers carry a positive vibration of its own. Smelling flowers such as rose and jasmine can let in positive energy to circulate through your energy field.

Understanding A Damaged Aura

We all hear the sentence “We become what we think”, or “We are what we think”.

The ultimate cause of a damaged aura is a strong negative energy accumulated deep inside the body which starts to weaken the aura. It generates holes in the aura making you more susceptible to negative energies outside. Our thoughts are energy simply in a different form. When we get angry, feel sad, become cruel to someone, bear hatred for someone, or generate any such negative emotion in ourselves, we form negative energy. This negative energy intensifies inside our minds with time and ends up creating a damaged aura.

Sometimes, we come across people who have not integrated negative emotions in themselves. Their negative energy also affects us. Often it is directed towards us in the form of words, a sharp look (which we also call evil eye), or even in the form of thoughts inside their mind. Like a psychic attack, people can direct this energy intentionally to us because they are upset, angry, or jealous of us, while others can’t really help it getting directed to anyone they meet because their bodies can’t control it.

How we cultivate our thoughts matter.


Depending on how hard we are hit by this negative energy, our aura is affected if we don’t know how to embody strong energy. Therefore, being in the company of someone who’s always jealous, angry, or depressed can impact our aura, unless we know how to transform the emotion and conversation to one of positivity, kindness, love, and compassion.

Why Should You Consult An Energy Healer?

If we look at the holistic perspective of your well-being, wouldn’t it make sense to connect with someone that can give you insights on your energetic state and its impact on your mind-body-spirit? An energy healer can read and analyze your aura, while also helping you cleanse it. Wouldn’t it be nice to release stagnant emotions that no longer serve you? Or, to access your self-healing capabilities? Healing practitioners respect your space and can help you move through blocks that prevent you from feeling relaxed, calm, and clear.

Healing Clouds connects you with certified energy healers who can help you feel and heal your aura at the deepest possible level. You will find well-known healing modalities such as Reiki, Pranic Healing, Bi-aura healing or Bio-energy healing, and many more which can not only help you clear your energies but also can trigger the self-healing mechanism of your body so that your healing continues and you embody strong energy.